What is a NFT?

NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) popularity has seen hockey stick like growth in 2021. Professional Athletes, Famous Artists, and even various Fast Food chains have played a part in the growth and Hype…but what are they actually?

What does NFT stand for?

 NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a digitally scarce asset that you verifiably own. Fungibility means interchangeable, like a stock or dollar. One Tesla Stock is the same as another Tesla stock, like a dollar too. Being non-fungible means it is Unique, and not interchangeable with anything else(just like NFTUrself Custom NFT’s).

The great think about the Non-Fungible part of NFT’s is they are VERIFIABLE. Data is saved in the smart contract to prove not just ownership, but also the uniqueness of the NFT.

What can be an NFT?

Anything! Like, really. Music, Art, Playing Cards, Tickets, and even the Deed to your house(just wait) can be an NFT.


round gold colored ethereum ornament
Wen Moon?

Where are NFT’s made?

NFT’s are built on various blockchains that support NFT’s. Blockchains are a digital ledger that records transaction. Ethereum is the most popular, but at NFTUrself we also like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana.

The great thing about NFT’s is the owner also gets exclusive ownership rights. They are free to do whatever they’d like with their NFT. There are even giant marketplaces like eBay for NFT’s to sell them. 

How do you buy an NFT?

Well, at NFTUrself it’s very easy. Simply head to our Shop Page, tell us how you want your NFT to look, upload some pictures, and give us your wallet address! You will need a wallet address for us to send your NFT (we do email your artwork too, though). We suggest Metamask, but there are many other wallets out there.

Why would I want an NFT of myself?

A better question is, why wouldn’t you?

I know this might seem weird, but hear us out for a second…

The year is 2024, and you live in California. You have a meeting with 3 colleagues who each live in separate states. You put on your VR Glasses and walk into a virtual meeting room. You see each one of your colleagues NFT/Digital Avatar and proceed with your meeting as normal. 

This is just one reason you’d want an NFT of yourself! Other great reasons: For your business, for your social media profile images, as a gift, to immortalize a couples pic with your significant other on the blockchain, and so much more.

Custom NFT

The future awaits

At NFTUrself, we believe NFT’s will change the world in a variety of ways: The Metaverse, Proof of Ownership, Ticketing, Memberships, and so much more. We truly are just scratching the surface. We’re very excited about NFT’s and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your NFT Experience. For more info, contact us or if you’re ready for an incredible custom NFT, shop here.